Cozzia Triple Black Massage Chair with L-Track Mechanism - CZ-710

Dimensions (L x W x H): 62.2″ x 33.1″ x 47.6″
Full Recline (L x W x H): 77.2″ x 33.1″ x 41.3″
Power Voltage: 110 -120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Weight Capacity: 265 LBS
Power Consumption: 200W
Power of Speakers: 16W (2 Sides)
Power Supply Wiring Length: 70.9”
Controller Wiring: 27.6”
Gross Weight: 322 LBS
Net Weight: 276 LBS
Usage Condition: Environmental
Temperature: 50’f – 104’f
Storage Temperature: 68’f – 140’f
Box # 1 (Back & Base):57.5″ x 30.3″ x 39.4″ Weight: 211.65 lbs
Box # 2 (Foot Rest):50″ x 14.6″ x 26″ Weight: 50 lbs
Box # 3 (Leg Rest):22.4″ x 19.3″ x 23.6″ Weight: 22.4 lbs

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The CZ-710 comes in a special edition color.

Black interior paired against a black automotive texture exterior and black trim details.

Maximum Coverage

The CZ-710 has an  L-Track mechanism  that will reach more parts of your back.  

Get a massage from your neck down to your glutes.

Powerful Control

The CZ-710 has a touch-screen remote with 13 auto programs and even more options for a customization. 

Light Up Your Life

See & experience the evolution of LED chromotherapy technology.  The combination colors changes with moving patterns resets your body vibrations to improve your health and harmony.  

Instant Access

At the tips of your fingers, refine your massage with ease.  

Tri-Action Foot Rollers

Foot roller for instant pressure relief  on soles of your feet.

Leg Compression Extender

Revolutionary leg compression. With the ability to move the heated air compression sleeve up and down, you’ll be able to experience an amazing knee and calf massage.

4D Heated Rollers

With every massage stroke you will feel soothing warmth along your back.

Vario Motion.

Massage that feels less like a robot, and more like a human. The Cozzia CZ-710 Vario Motion™ mechanism provides the most human-like massage in the industry.

A Chair That Fits Anywhere

The CZ-710 is wall saving with a compact design that only needs to be placed 5 inches from the wall.

Cozzia CZ-710

Wall Hugging

The Cozzia CZ-710 is a wall saving chair that only needs to be placed 5 inches from the wall.

Accessible Controles

The Cozzia CZ-710 has easy access buttons built into the armrest.

Heated 4D L-Track Rollers

The Cozzia CZ-710 has heated 4D rollers and an L-track that can massage from your shoulders to your glutes.

Chromotherapy 2.0

The Cozzia CZ-710 has unique LED chromotherapy lighting that moves in patterns and changes colors depending on the option you choose. Chromotherapy is the practice of using colored lights to stimulate the senses and heal the body.

4 Dimensions of Massage

The Cozzia CZ-710 is a 4D massage chair with a mechanism that is able to travel vertically, horizontally, in and out, and can change speed and rhythm during each massage stroke.

Revolutionary Leg Compression

The Cozzia CZ-710 has heated air compression sleeves that can move up and down to massage your knees or calves.

Tri-Action Foot Massage

The Cozzia CZ-710 foot rollers have two levels of shiatsu rolling, combined with air compression massage that re-positions your feet on the acupressure points to stimulate blood circulation.


Warranty: 3 years in-home service & 3 years parts

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 62.2″ x 33.1″ x 47.6″

Weight capacity: 265 lbs


  • 4D Human-like Vario Motion™ Mechanism
  • Long Track Massage from Neck to Buttock
  • 3 inch 3D Node Extension
  • 6 Unique Massage Techniques
  • 15 Auto Programs
  • Foot and Sole Roller Massage

Air Massage

  • Heat Therapy for Legs
  • Adjustable Foot & Calf to find a larger height range
  • Arm Massage
  • Seat and Thigh Massage
  • Foot and Calf Massage
  • 64 Airbags
  • 3 Air intensity Levels


  • Full Back Acupoint Heating
  • Chromotherapy 2.0 with 7 Mode Lighting
  • Bluetooth Speaker for Music
  • Precise Body Scanning
  • Max Massage Time: 30 Minutes
  • Wall Hugging / Space Saving

Seat Adjustment

  • Automatic Knee & Calf Adjustment
  • Quick Access Buttons Embedded in Armrest
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Position
  • One Touch Lie-Flat & Home Restore Button
  • Adjust backrest and footrest at any desirable position
  • Auto Leg Length Detectable
  • Inductive-stop Sensors in Footrest


  • Child Protection Safety Lock
  • Equipped with Overheating
  • Power Surge Detector


  • Wired Touch-Pad Control
  • Armrest Control Panel